Rörvik Timber invests SKR90m in Linghem sawmill

Source: http://www.euwid-wood-products.com/news/roundwoodsawnwood/single/archive/2015/june/Artikel/roervik-timber-invests-roughly-skr90m-in-linghem-sawmill.html

The Swedish company Rörvik Timber is to invest roughly SKR90m in the small-diameter sawmill at its site in Linghem. With the installation of a new sawing line, the mill’s existing annual capacity is to be increased considerably from almost 60,000 m³ to roughly 130,000 m³ in two-shift operations. The order for the supply of the sawing line is to be placed shortly. Commissioning of the new line has been scheduled for the beginning of 2016. In a second phase, Rörvik also plans to expand drying capacity at the site, where spruce and pine are sawn.