Radiata Pine Sawmill

Radiata Pine Sawmill

Sawmill in Spain.

We work with the best quality Radiata Pine and the latest technology.

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our product is excellent and meets customer requirements .

Because we care about the quality of the product, our brand has a great reputation internationally.

radiata Pine Timber

Thanks to our climate and our soil type we can offer an excent Radiata Pine Timber that give us a stronger and more durable wood.

Client Satisfaction

Our goal to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our excellent high quality products. We sell great quality radiata pine timber at competitive prices, ship orders promptly and respond quickly if any issue comes up.


We invest in technology and in trained employees to boost our productivity, which translates into better prices and quality.


Years of experience in international businesses have made us experts on the export protocols of business in Asia, Africa and Europe. So, we know both the necessary procedures and how to face possible obstacles that might be encountered along the way.

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Years of experience and good work support us.

Aware of that economic globalization wasw an irreversible trend, we started years ago a succesful process of internationalization

As exporters we are able to grade and adapt to our customer requirements all over the world following a client satisfaction policy. Our goal is to respond to all emails and phone enquiries within one business day of receiving that enquiry.

We visit our clients to develop a reliable business relationship

exporting process

Exports Professional

Thanks to our experience we make easy the exporting process.

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  • We use the largest and most reliable shipment and logistics companies in the world, to ensure the product is delivered on time and to make easier its tracking.

  • We are experienced in all facets of exporting and have the knowhow to answer inquires, prepare quotations, enter orders and handle shipping details.

  • We use D/P, Letter of Credit and other types of terms for international trade.

  • We also use incoterms in all of our transaction on the global market. We use differents kind of incoterms.

  • Transactions in EUR and USD currencies.

  • We try our best to maintain relationships with our cliens following a continuous process Improvement

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Decades of experience behind us

Two generations dedicated to the wood business, continuous investments in R&D&I and a trained staff mean that we can respond with the best standards in the market.

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Various investments co-financed by the EU (Feder) and the Junta de Castilla y León, have led us to become more efficient, competitive and sustainable.

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