Timber sawmill

MADERAS ALONSO LLORENTE, S.L. is a modern lumber/timber processing sawmill, specialised in cutting radiata pine.

We operate a modern sawmill combined with a kiln complex with modern Windsor kilns and a Chromated Copper Arsenate pressure treatment plant.

We also offer a full range of treatment via a custom treater.

We are located in the Trespaderne, Burgos (North of Spain) and we service markets both nationally and internationally.

Excellent timber/lumber as raw material

Radiata pine is a native tree from California, USA, but has adapted very well to the soils and climatic conditions of the north of Spain. Our radiata pine trees give us a strong, economical and versatile light coloured timber. Tall clear trunks produce timber suitable for furniture and all forms of shown wood applications.

Even though Radiata pine is considered a fast-growing tree, the one adapted to our lands grows slowlier than the radiata pine all over the world, giving us as result the best quality radiata pine wood.

Radiata logs come in a range of qualities capable of yielding lumber grades to meet almost any requirement.

The uses of our Radiata pine include:

  • Structural building
  • Industrial construction
  • Pallets and packaging
  • Interior fittings and fixtures: windows, doors, frames, moldings, cabinetry, etc.
  • Others: structural plywood, scaffold planks, wood wool, paper products, particleboard, and medium density fibreboard.